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Monsieur d'Eon is a Woman
With Trap Door Theatre
D'Eon and Pompadour

“David Lovejoy’s scintillating and multi-faceted Chevalier, fittingly, seems both of the world of the court and apart from it. Lovejoy (who uses the pronouns “ze/hir/hirs”) brings an almost zen-like quality at times to the role, but also imbues the Chevalier with a rock-ribbed moral conscience.” – Kerry Reid, The Chicago Tribune


“As d'Éon, the understated David Lovejoy is a block of noble stability in a world gone haywire.” – Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader

“Lovejoy brings a sense of earnestness and grit to d’Eon that makes the consequences of peoples’ casual lack of compassion much more serious.” – Jacob David, Around the Town Chicago

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