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Opening Day of Monsieur d'Eon is a Woman

May 24, 2018

Today I and my incredible cast and crew open a show that is without a doubt the most beautiful, difficult, and influential show I have worked on. Today we bring the life of the Chevaliere d’Eon to the stage, and with it I bring the pain, the beauty, and the pride that filled her journey.

Today, as I wear this lil sailors dress around the city in excitement for the night, I’ve been openly laughed at, catcalled, stared at with disgust, and had someone try to stealthily take a photo of me.

People will always make judgments on your appearance. People will always stare if you don’t fit into the strict stereotype that they’ve decided is “normal”. Every eye I’ve passed on the street has stopped upon me and given the up down. The eyes on the train didn’t leave until I got off.

But I am proud. I have no doubts in who I am. I stare right back until they’re so uncomfortable they look away. I keep staring until they think they can get a second look. I will always keep staring until they feel shame.

Today I walked out of my house wearing my battle armor. It may just look like a slutty sailor dress to everyone else, but I wear it and feel nothing but strength.

Yes, there will always be hate or disgust out there, always rooted in fear. Fear of the freedom we have.

But where there dwells hate, there is also love. Love ten times stronger than what fools on the red line or the street drum up.

The cast and crew of Monsieur D’eon is a Woman have embodied this love.

So I thank you, d’Eon cast. Each one of you. For seeing me. For respecting me. For making this show the strong and beautiful show that it is.

Thank you, Nicole Wiesnser, for this opportunity. For your love. For your heart. For literally every single thing in this world.

This show is important. So important. This cast pours their hearts out on stage. If there is one show of mine to ever see, it is this. The story of the Chevaliere d’Eon is not to be missed.

Let this also be a reminder or a notice to all: I am non-binary. My pronouns are Ze/Hir/Hirs.

Use them. Respect them. Respect me.

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1 Comment

Queen Mab monologue. Would love to hear you deliver it!!

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