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Not I

by Samuel Beckett

My greatest passion project to date.

I've had a strong passion for Samuel Beckett for a long time, but my history with Not I goes back to a sixth grade viewing of the play. Halfway through watching it, I decided it was the worst piece of theater I'd ever seen. Little did I know that the hatred and discomfort I experienced would be what I now find to be one of the most exciting parts of the play.

I've got millions of thoughts on this play (hell, I wrote a 95 page thesis on this 8 page play), and I beg of you to ask me questions about it.

While this really should be seen live, I have a filmed version of my production, wonderfully performed by Grace Bolander.

Did you find 10 straight minutes of a Mouth rambling at you overwhelming, upsetting, or downright intolerable?


Want to hear more about it? Send me a message and let's talk! I have far too much to say on the matter.

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