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Nail Design

Welcome to my nail design portfolio! Below are some pictures of my many nail art creations. I started painting nails about three or four years ago after a friend painted them for a performance piece, and I haven't had bare nails since! Intricate nail art involves extreme precision, patience, and perseverance, and while I'm not a particularly patient person, I've certainly learned a thing or two about taking a deep breath...

Nail design is my favorite form of self-expression, visual art, and meditation. It can take up to three hours to paint the quality of nails that lives up to my standard, but without eccentric nails I don't feel like myself at all. Another benefit to the process is that I've become much more ambidextrous because I've had to learn to paint with my non dominant hand (though I still write like a kindergartener with my left hand...)

While I am very proud of my nail art, this will always be a work in progress to me and I always appreciate tips from an expert!

My best Work
Art Movement Collection
The Early Days

See how much I've improved?!

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